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Installation view detail, DiverseWorks

Computer Generated Walk Through from Allison Hunter on Vimeo.


Allison Hunter’s Zoosphere (2010) is a transcendent, site-specific installation investigating humankind’s relationship to the natural world. In her first ever immersive video installation, Hunter upends the power dynamic between the human and non-human animal within a dark, mazelike environment in which man and beast co-mingle. Against the backdrop of a rapidly shifting ecological landscape in which species across the globe are threatened with extinction, Zoosphere reconnects humanity with the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom and forces us to examine our relationship with and responsibility to it.

Diane Barber, DiverseWorks

Diverseworks Artspace, Houston

Installation view, Zoosphere at DiverseWorks, March 12 - April 17, 2010


Zoosphere - Video Installation at DiverseWorks from Allison Hunter on Vimeo.

Walk through of Zoosphere at DiverseWorks, 2010